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Queen City in Pink Awareness Campaign Merchandise is available for ordering:

If you are in need of any items to show your support for Cancer Awareness in October, our friends at the Condor Flag Company here in Charlotte have graciously agreed to make it very convenient to show your support by adorning your offices, building(s) or entryway(s) with flags, pink bows, banners, magnets, window clings etc.. Visit this link to place an order for what you need. Condor Flag will produce it for you and ship it straight to your door. Most items will ship within 7-10 days. Click here to shop:

Please note, if you have “Pink” items of your own that you wish to display for the month, by all means, you are welcome to use what you have. We’re happy to have your support!

New Participants, please make your selection below. To arrange payment you will be contacted by LED Source for the lights, BCC Rally for the bows and TPM for the remaining items.

I need to order new materials this year: If yes, please select your option below.

Please note that the prices below do NOT have tax included.

Personalized Magnet $65.00
Pink Vinyl Sticker $9.00
Pink Flag $292.00
Pink Exterior Ribbon with Stake $16.00
Pink Banner $96.00
Pink Window Cling 18” x 34” $31.00
Pink Window Cling 36” x 48” $72.00
Pink Ribbon Bow 7” $5.00
Pink Ribbon Bow 10” $7.00
Pink Ribbon with Plaque $40.00
Pink Light $22.50
If ordering a banner or plaque
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I would like to participate but do not need to order new product this year.

  • Personalized Magnet
  • Pink Vinyl Stickers
  • Pink Flag
  • Pink Exterior Ribbon with Stake
  • Pink Banner
  • Pink Window Cling
  • Pink Ribbon Bow
  • Pink Ribbon with Plaque
  • Pink Light

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