Member Spotlights

Olivia Leyland
PMC Commercial Interiors

Current job: PMC Commercial Interiors

Summary of your role in the company: I work closely with our office’s Sales and Design departments to create furniture solutions for our clients.

How I chose my occupation: While I originally intended on pursuing a completely different field, I have always enjoyed interior design and decided to switch when I went back to school.

Years in the business: 3 years.

My specialization is:  Commercial Interior Design

A good lead for me is: Most of our leads come from the close relationships we have with design and architectural firms, as well as property management companies.

The most satisfying part of my job is: Our company motto is “Work Wonders” PMC believes in creating spaces that work as hard as the people in them. I love being a part of company that is passionate about crafting the right blend of discipline, laughter, professional partnerships, and personal friendships.

Best leadership advice I have been given: It may be cliché but my dad is my role model, his drive and determination has always inspired me to work hard to reach my goals. My favorite quote of his is, “all I need is within me now.”

Number of years with CREW: Just under 3 years.

Most significant CREW connection: That is a very hard question, I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one connection! After winning one of the foundation scholarships in 2015, the Charlotte chapter immediately reached out to me and sponsored my trip to Convention in Seattle. They then invited to luncheons and asked me to join the UCREW Committee. I also joined the Mentorship program. My mentor, Mary Sullivan with LITTLE, met with me monthly and even helped review my portfolio before I graduated so her guidance has been tremendous! Last spring I was asked to give a speak at a luncheon to share my scholarship experience and I mentioned that I was looking for an internship. Directly following the luncheon, CREW member Carrie Sharp with Indoff Commercial Interiors reached out to me with an internship opportunity! I learned a great deal from her and her partner Dave Morrow, which then helped me land a fulltime position with PMC! I currently serve as Co-Chair alongside Emily Buehrer who is another wonderful connection and friend. I contribute a great deal of my success to CREW, I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without this amazing organization.

Place of birth/hometown: Born in Houston, TX but raised in Columbus, OH.

Number of years in Charlotte: Just under 5 years.

Family: My husband Tom and I have been married for nearly a year now, we have a pup named Dodger and the rest of our families live in Ohio.

My ideal vacation spot: Anywhere in Ireland.

Hobbies/Interests: Networking of course! I was previously a literature major so reading and writing are huge for me. I also enjoy DIY projects, walks with my puppy, volunteer work, and exploring new things to do around the city with my husband.

Other professional organizations I belong to: I serve on the board for the ASID Carolinas Chapter and am also a member of IIDA.

I wish I could: Travel the world!

Jan Quillin
Compass Group

Current job:  Workplace Services Manager

Summary of your role in the company: My goal is to maintain an environment that fosters both a dynamic culture and productivity among our staff. Work closely with senior management to evaluate the ever-changing needs of our business sectors to meet their needs and goals. Responsible for FTE space planning, assign and approve office space. Work with design architects, furniture partners, and general contractors to implement workplace changes that lead to “best in class” practices and help our Company recruit, develop, and retain.

How I chose my occupation: This position actually found me.  Our Real Estate Director saw a need within our organization for someone to head up workplace services and change management and asked me to consider the position.

Years in the business: 13 years

My specialization is:   I don’t believe I have one specific area of expertise.  My goal is to be flexible to the every changing needs of my clients and have the ability to adapt with the business.   A strong base of facilities experience, project management, interpersonal, and analytical skills have helped me meet my client’s needs.

A good lead for me is:  An organization looking for food, vending, or support service.

The most satisfying part of my job is: Sometimes my job can be a puzzle re-stacking the corporate office or fulfilling unanticipated space needs.  It’s most satisfying when I can make all the pieces fit together.  

Best leadership advice I have been given:  Actions speak louder than words; always remember not one player does a team make.

Greatest professional achievement:  Recently, I was solely responsible to manage a move of 400+ people within one week between three different buildings for the first time.  Very proud that everything worked out with very few hiccups.

Number of years with CREW: I joined CREW in January, 2017

Most significant CREW connection: Being a member of Community Outreach Committee has helped me to make several significant connections and to become more engaged in CREW.

Place of birth/hometown: Knoxville, TN

Number of years in Charlotte: 21

Family: My Husband, Dyer, is a Quality Engineer with Cardinal Healthcare, I have a 24-year old son, and 21 year old daughter. 

My ideal vacation spot: The Caribbean beaches

Hobbies/Interests: We love boating on the weekends, SEC Football, and reading

Other professional organizations I belong to: Leadership Legacy Network

I wish I could: Travel more and speak two languages fluently 

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